Welcome to Orange The Chocolate Shop, located in Tuam Co Galway, home to Ireland's Finest Chocolates!

At Orange chocolate we take immense pride in creating confectionery that is both delicious to taste and beautiful to behold.

Whether you're seeking a decadent treat for yourself, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or simply a little pick-me-up on a gloomy day, we have the perfect chocolate experience waiting for you.

Quality is at the core of everything we do. We meticulously select the finest ingredients to ensure our product is of the highest standard. Crafted with passion and expertise, our chocolates are the result of hours of dedication and artistry, making them truly exceptional.

As a small business deeply rooted in our community, we prioritize supporting local suppliers and contributing in a positive way to our local economy. When you choose Galway Chocolates, you're not just treating yourself; you're also investing in the growth of a small Irish business.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of chocolate-making and experience the difference that handmade craftsmanship can make.

Thank you for choosing our Chocolates, we can't wait to welcome you into our chocolate-filled world!